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Welcome to NPTU


1.National Ping-Tung University is located in southern Taiwan, part of the Hakka population distribution area. The NPTU Hakka Studies Center is the third of studies center of the national universities in southern Taiwan.


2.Ping-Tung County is home to diverse ethnic groups and cultures and includes one of the highest density of Hakka population and Hakka-speaking areas in Taiwan.


3.NPTU is located near Liudui Hakka Culture Park and KTP Regional Resource Center for Teaching and Learning. The NPTU Hakka Studies Center aims to support cross-industry alliances, industry links, inter-school exchange platforms, and additional cultural and creative industries.


4.In addition to the "the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries" (including master class of Hakka cultural group), the College of Liberal arts and Social Sciences and Education faculty may all participate in Hakka-related research.


5.In order to promote Hakka language teaching and culture preservation, the institute of Hakka culture volunteer work strives to cooperate with school staff and off-campus people alike who are interested in the Hakka culture.